How to Make Money With Writing Articles

A good way for earning substantial income is to make money with writing articles. Writing articles for making money is an affiliate marketing technique used by a lot of savvy affiliates to generate thousands of dollars on the internet today. Before you start to learn how to make money with writing articles you need to make sure that you cover some critical points in the article you are going to write.

Let’s see what it takes to write a super star article, read on…

1. Select your keywords properly
Keyword selection will make or break your article campaign. You need to select a low competition keyword if you want your article to be picked fast by search engines like Google and yahoo.

Choosing a targeted keyword needs some research, let’s say you are a member in an online forum which offers an excellent affiliate marketing education like Wealthy Affiliate forum. You want to promote this forum to earn some commissions when you refer new members. First thing you will do is to search for a low competition keyword to let your article show on the first page of Google and let people see it fast.

The key point here is to search for QUOTED keywords less than 5000 daily searches, so if you go to Google and searched for “make money online” you will find that this keyword has a heck of daily searches more than 14,000,000 Wow so if you want to write an article targeting this keyword is just like trying to catch a train! That is simply because there are a GIANTS out there who have businesses since years and they have built excellent relations with Google so they will show before you for sure. The solution here is to target more detailed keyword like “make money with writing articles” for example, when you type this word into Google you will get about 20,000 daily searches which is much better than 14,000,000 and your chances now to make money with article writing is worth the work.

However, we still need to find a keyword which has 5000 daily searches or less but you know now how to dig more and find a new keyword with low competition. That is crucial to your campaign success.

2. Condensate your keyword within your article between 1%-3%
Condensing keywords means that your targeted keyword should be repeated several times in your article as when divided by the whole words should get a result of 1%-3% and this is very important for the search engine optimization of your article. A short keyword should be repeated roughly 10-15 times in a 500 words article. Condensing your keywords properly will allow you to make money with writing articles easily as Google will love your content and show you up normally in the first page. However, you don’t want to increase the density percentage above 3% as Google in this case will see your article as a scam!

3. Submit your article
In order to let your article be visible by online users you have to submit it to article directories like Ezine, article database and other directories. By doing that you are almost done with your article writing.

The best places to submit your article to: EzineArticles, Articlebase and Hubpages.

These are the main directories where you will get good amount of traffics and back links to your landing page or offer. EzineArticles is the most effective directory and will let you make money with writing articles fast as Google loves it and ranks its articles always high. However, there are advanced techniques and tools can be used to drive awesome number of visitors and increasing your sales potential but still these directories are the best way to start and make money with writing articles with no cost.

4. Rinse and repeat.
After finishing writing your article and submitting it start writing a new one applying the same techniques. Make sure you write at least 10 articles for every niche targeting different keyword for each one and then track your stats. The higher the number of CTR you get for an article means the closer a sale so make sure you analyze your article stats from the article directory and when you know the keyword that has the large amount of clicks expand your article network targeting this keyword BUT with FRESH CONTENT!

Train Crossing Accidents

Although railroads have been around for more than a century, they are still a serious safety hazard. Many people are so acclimated to their presence that they regard them as harmless facets of American life. Unfortunately, this flippant attitude is oftentimes what causes serious accidents to occur. According to statistics gathered by the Federal Railroad Association (FRA), there are nearly 10,000 train incidents and accidents each year.

Facts and Numbers

Statistics regarding railroad-related accidents and injuries may be shocking to some. It is estimated that cars and trains collide every 12 minutes. Data gathered by the FRA report that:

• In 2009, there were 9,570 train incidents/accidents

• Of the 9,570 accidents, 649 people were killed and 6,686 were injured

• 95.69% of fatalities were caused by highway-rail incidents and trespassing

• Almost all fatalities (95.69%) were caused by highway- rail incidents and trespassing.

• Highway-rail incidents involve the collision of a train with a highway user. Out of the 222 incidents reported in 2009, 193 were lethal.

• Out of 713 trespasser incidents, 399 died

Causes for Accidents

Train collisions and accidents are caused by a number of factors, including: driver negligence, defective train crossings or tracks, train operator negligence, and brake malfunctions. Reports from 2009 indicate that the top 2 causes for train incidents were:

1. Human factors, such as trespassing, failure to abide by signal warnings, or other dangerous behavior contributed to 34.91% (574)

2. Track defects caused 34.12% (561)

Preventing Accidents

In order to avoid being involved in a train accident, you must abide by all laws pertaining to railroad crossings and tracks. Additionally, it is important to explain to your children the hazards of playing on or near train tracks. In order to protect you and your loved ones, consider the following safety tips:

• Always slow down and look both ways before crossing railroad tracks

• Never play on or near train tracks, as it is dangerous and illegal

• Never try to “beat the train” when crossing tracks

• Report broken or defective railway crossings

Who is Liable?

Depending on the circumstances surrounding a train incident or accident, various parties may be responsible. In the event that a train malfunctions, the company may be responsible for any damages resulting from defects. Additionally, the federal government may be held responsible for hazardous train tracks or crossings that cause accident or injury.

If you or someone you love has been injured in a trail related accident and you believe another party was at fault, you should consult a Wausau train accident attorney of Habush Habush & Rottier, S.C. today.

How To Find The Best Private School For Your Child

As a parent, you want the best for your children. And because you play an important role in their education, you are given the task to choose the best private school that would help you shape your child’s future. This endeavor requires considerable thought and significant process. Make the right decision with the following tips as your guide.

Join tours and open houses. Most private schools offer tours to parents. This is a great opportunity to check classrooms, school facilities, curriculum, methods of teaching, and so on. Some also have open houses for applicants. Discover how current students are doing in terms of projects and assignments. Tag your kids along so that they will have some idea of the prospective schools they would soon be attending.

Talk to the administrators and teachers. This way you can find out if they are approachable and friendly. Teaching staff that are supportive and encouraging makes student engage more. Surely you want your child to be interested and motivated.

Observe the methods of teaching. How the subjects are delivered matters a lot. Even if the school has the best curriculum, it means nothing if not complemented with innovative teaching. Given the chance to sit in, observe the teacher and his or her teaching styles.

Check extra-curricular activities. Apart from academic work, there should be other activities that will further enhance your kids’ learning experiences. A good private school offers diversity with its school programmes. Those that encourage greater family bonds and instill a deep sense of commitment to education can shape your children to be the well-rounded individuals you envision them to be.

Browse the school’s curriculum. Check the subjects that will be taught to your child. Look deeper if these subjects are going to develop your kid’s critical thinking skills. Topics that challenge and improve their existing talents and skills are good. The curriculum should be able to prepare him or her to the next level of education.

The right private school can determine the direction your child would take in life. While you are expected to teach proper values to your children at home, sending your kids at an early age to schools where Christ-centred values are introduce would help you build a solid foundation in their formative years. They can develop better study habits and better attitude towards education. These are important traits to get them into good universities and eventually landing in good careers.

Audio Learning Tools to Manifest Money

Audio Learning tools to Manifest Money with Law of Attraction

One of the best ways to learn something new especially when it has to do with re-programming your mind for success is using audio learning. There are three major ways we learn things but audio suggestion is by far the easiest. The reason for this is because you don’t actually have to do anything when learning this way. You simple play an audio file over and over like a song on the radio.

The goal behind audio suggestion and learning the law of attraction and attracting wealth is to program your subconscious mind while you do normal activities throughout the day. You may have already experienced this type of learning in the past. An example going back to the radio would be knowing every word to a song you haven’t heard in years. However, when it comes on the radio you can remember every word like you heard it yesterday. Audio Learning is one of the best and most powerful ways to learn something quick and change your inner voice to success in lieu of failure.

Top 5 Reasons Audio Suggestion is the Best

1. You can learn anywhere you want simply by hitting play.

2. Learn on the go or when you sleep.

3. Your subconscious mind never turns off so while your doing something else it continues to learn whether your paying attention or not.

4. Fast results, this is by far the fastest way of learning something because after a few times of hearing something over and over the mind automatically starts to remember it.

5. Its been around as a top method of learning for centuries and has not only been tested throughout time but continues to be a learning method used by Millions.

Remember that your subconscious mind is always on even when your conscious mind goes to sleep. Using these as you fall asleep also has a profound affect on how you incorporate the law of attraction or any program for that matter. Most of the time our conscious mind is the one that is holding us back when we are trying to attract money into our lives. By using audio learning and the Law of Compensation you can unlock all of the dreams your trying to reach.

Audio suggestion proves be an easy and effect way of learning the Law of Attraction and attracting wealth because it uses the power of your subconscious mind which is always open to positive influence.

How to Prepare for the ISEE Test

The ISEE test is scored on the basis that the correct answer is given one point and, unlike the SSAT test, the wrong answer is not penalized with anything. This is known as the raw score. This is then put into a scaled score, which can be calculated using the test tables.

The test scores are usually mailed 2 weeks after the exam. The scores are accompanied with some diagnostic details. The schools which you have applied for will automatically receive a copy of the grade statement and your dissertation statement as well.

The ISEE Test, which stands for the Independent School Entrance Test is used by many private schools as an entrance criterion. The score of this test is very important for the schools, and hence it is imperative that you make sure that your son or daughter gets a high score. The schools acceptance rate is quite low; there are many schools that take 1 out of 5 students. The exam is divided into 5 different sections: quantitative reasoning, verbal reasoning, reading comprehension, achievement, mathematics and an essay.

Here are some preparation procedures that are suggested for good ISSE scoring:

• It is very important to practice well for this test. Students are recommended to go through as many practice tests as they can. This will enable them to get a feel of the exam and to avoid any surprises coming up on the exam day. You don’t want your child to be a nervous wreck on the day of the exam!

• When your child goes through many tests, you, as a mother, should be able to identify his weaknesses and strengths. From there, you will be able to know what is it that needs to be worked on.

• No calculators are permitted during the exam, hence you child needs lots of arithmetic practice.

• Make sure that your Child knows all about the different segments in the exam; multiple choice segments include quantitative reasoning, verbal reasoning, reading awareness and math knowledge.

• You need to learn about the essay section and how to write an effective essay.

• It is also important to be familiar with how the test is graded. The essay, for example, is not graded as part of the exam. It is forwarded to the school and there it is treated as part of the application.

These are just some of the guidelines that one may need to properly pass the ISEE testing. Even if ISEE practice is a must, it’s not enough to ensure the success of your child.

Continuing Education for an Insurance License

States have different rules and regulations when it comes to insurance CE for an insurance license. Agents must abide by these each and every year. Some states require classroom courses while others allow students to complete their continuing education online. Insurance agents can contact their state authority to get the specific details. The insurance and financial industries are highly regulated for a good reason. Agents and professionals are dealing with their clients well being and their families well being on a day to day basis. They sell them insurance policies that could really benefit the individual and their loved ones when something tragic happens. The main types of insurance are life, health and property and casualty. Each agent must pass an exam before being awarded a license. If an agent sells all three lines of insurance they must pass all three exams to obtain all of the licenses. If this is the case, they must complete the required continuing education for each license each and every year.

Every agent must complete education for their insurance license. However, each state and license has a different requirement. You want to check with your state or an approved provider to confirm your insurance license continuing education requirements.

CE is very beneficial to agents and their clients. Agents can learn about new and upcoming products to offer their clients. This is a win/win for both the agent and the consumer. If the agent is not up to date on current products or market trends they may provide the wrong information to their clients causing much more pain and agony then necessary. They also can stay current with new laws and regulations. Without insurance CE agents and producers may be breaking the law and not even know it.

When researching continuing education schools always make sure they are listed as a provider with the state. Then make sure their prices are equivalent to their competitors. Also, if you are close to your compliance deadline make sure the company reports to the state within 1-2 business days. This will ensure you can keep your license active and avoid state fines. When an agent is late on complete their insurance license continuing education requirements they may lose their license if they do not contact their state in time. All in all, insurance continuing education is very important and needed in such a demanding and professional field.

FX Trading Home Study Course – Learn the Basics of Successful Trading Quickly and Risk Free

If you want to learn the basics of currency trading risk free you can, by getting the tools the professional trader use via a FX trading home study course – let’s look at the advantages the best courses give you.

If you have ever been curious if you have what it takes to become an successful currency trader, a course is a good way to find out because for the cost of a hundred dollars or so you get to try the best courses and if you don’t feel they have given you the info you need to trade successfully – you get your fee rebated.

If the course gives you the right information the good news is – you could soon be trading for triple digit gains in Forex and making a great income in 30 minutes a day or less.

The best FX home study courses give you the following:

– Proven tools and strategies to get the odds on your side

– The logic of how and why the tools work so you can trade with confidence and discipline

– Money management techniques to allow you, to keep losses small and run the bigf profitable trends

– Daily currency trading classrooms, so you can see the vendor trade the system in real time so you can see how successful it is

– Unlimited support should you have any questions or queries as you learn

Anyone Has the Potential to be a Successful Currency Trader!

If you want to trade currencies and win, you need the right education in a market where 95% of all traders lose money and a course can not only help you learn quickly – it can also allow you to learn with the comfort of a money back guarantee.

If you have ever wondered if you could become a successful FX trader from home, a course is a great way to find out if you could make a great second income in global currency trading.

Online College Degree Medical – Online Colleges That Are for Medical Assistance

There are many online college medical degrees that are for medical assistant that provide the right course work for the duties that a medical assistant will need to perform once they graduate. These colleges will provide the online coursework that is needed for students to be able to practice office and clinical work, which is under the supervision from a licensed medical professional. Once the student takes the program they are able to take a certified exam to demonstrate their ability in what they have learnt.

Keiser University

This university will able to provide you with online medical assistant program that could lead you to an associate of science degree for medical assisting. This includes a schedule that involves radiography, clinical and lab procedures, and anatomy and physiology. They are also able to take externship classes and they have to receive a grade of at least “C.” This program involves as least 60 credited hours of coursework, and the cost per semester is $6,688.00, from August 2009.

Kaplan University

Also offers an online college medical assistants degree, which also leads to associate of Applied Sciences degree in assisting in medical. This course provides classes in the area of pharmacology, office management, anatomy and physiology, medical coding and medical insurance. This clinical course work will cover the basics of medical assistants training that involve taking vital signs, documenting a patient’s medical history, taking of a patient’s blood and using the required medical equipment. Once they finish the medial program they are able to complete a 160 hour externship at a health care place that the Kaplan University approves of. The tuition costs are $34,132 from February 2010 with 92 credits. They also provide students with scholarships and a financial aid.

Penn Foster College

This university provides an online college medical assistant degree that also leads into an Associate degree of medical assisting. The outline of the course includes, theories of clinical practice, medical terminology, medical transcription and anatomy and physiology. In the fourth semester the students are provided with a clinical kit of the program that they chose and demonstrate their skills. The students need to videotape themselves performing clinical skills and send in a tape to a college for approval, to see their skill level. Once the course is passed, the student need to finish a 200 hour externship that is approved by a doctors clinic or office. First semester costs $1,340 and this also includes registration, administration and shipping fee from February of 2010. This program is worth 64 credits.

5 Ways On Becoming A Great Life And Business Coach

1. The way you listen.

As you know, the most important part of being a coach is the ability to listen. Through listening, a coach creates a platform for his or her clients; a stage where they can not only say and express their thoughts and feelings, but also hear themselves; a stage where the client and his life are the center of everything.
Listening is a talent that many see as a great tool for success.
During a coaching session our minds are constantly working, trying to pick up all that we can, the client’s body language, the client’s expressions, trying to pick up on the words within the words, reviewing the client’s words and comparing them to privies sessions. In order to do this the coach has to rely on his are hers listing skills, and that It is not an easy task, But, as a coach, I have found that the best coaching sessions were the ones in which I did no more than 10% of the talking.
So the first thing to do in order to be a better coach is to tune in to your client, listen only to him and not to your inner voices.

2. Being there each week

It is astonishing how much a person will get done just knowing someone is there to hold them accountable, knowing that next week they will be asked, “Did you do it?” Just by being there you are helping your clients achieve what is important to them. However, it must be stressed that much of the coaching process occurs between sessions rather than just within the session itself. Being there means creating a coaching “envelope” for your client for the days or weeks between sessions. There are many ways to achieve this, for example; e-mails affirming how proud you are of them, telephoning to ask “How’s it going?” text messages wishing your client a great day.
Prepare for each session, review any previous sessions, and look carefully for paradigms that may have been overlooked.
Relax before the session, clear your head of anything irrelevant.
Be there, for there is where it happens.

3. Be creative.

Creativity is one of the greatest tools for success in business and life.
A good coach uses creative tools in order to maximize his or her client’s potential.
Always be on the prowl for new creative tools.
Use metaphors, guided imagery, visualization techniques, and more.

4. Use your intuition.

Trust your intuition, it will serve you well.
Ask your client’s permission to share your thoughts. You will be surprised by the results.
At a coaching conference I attended, one of the leading speakers compared using our intuition to checking if the spaghetti is ready – you throw it on the wall and if it’s done it sticks. And when that happens the results are amazing.
Some coaches are afraid they will lose clients if they say something that might create an uncomfortable situation. You won’t! This is our job.
How can we expect our clients to take a dive, jump into the water, be fearless and courageous, if we won’t do the same?

5. Keep learning.

We never stop learning; for a “man becomes a master through his questions not his answers”.
Every new tool you acquire and add to your coaching tool box is an asset for you and your clients.

How to Write a Strategic Career Branding Plan in 10 Steps

A comprehensive strategic branding plan is typically a job for a professional. However, you can develop a basic branding plan that will aid you in your job search (and save you time and money in the process) by including these 10 components:

1. Goals – What are the goals for your applications/career goals one month out, a year out, two years out and five years out? Include monetary and personal objectives, such as more time for recreation.
2. Current Situation – How much is your monthly budget? What is your income? What are you spending on getting your next job/career? Assess where you are today.
3. Target Market – To whom should you be applying? Who will give you the best ratio of time spent to time/money made?
4. Competition – Who’s your main competition? How are they branded? What are they doing that’s working or not working?
5. Challenges – What challenges do you have to overcome to reach your goals? Do you need more education?
6. Position – How can you position yourself to be unique, and to be perceived as offering great value?
7. Specialization – In what should you specialize?
8. Strategy – What big-picture method will you use to build your career pitch, such as focusing only on technology?
9. Tactics – Which tools will you use to enact your strategy, from resumes to business cards to a website?
10. Needs – What will you need to get your plan rolling, such as a career coach or a resume service?

If you’re stuck – get professional help!

Never let your career sit on shelf longer than it has to – it means thousands of dollars every month in missed income that you should be making! So if you’re not getting results, then get help. Invest a couple hundred dollars in some professional advice wherever you need it –

– A Professional resume writer, or
– An interview coach, or
– Or a career coach

Great companies are ALWAYS looking to hire great talent – and that means you! So, if you’re serious about getting into a new career, then follow these five tips, power up your confidence, and believe in yourself! You’ll significantly increase your chances of getting hired, and decrease the time it takes you to move into your new job!