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Online College Degree Medical – Online Colleges That Are for Medical Assistance

There are many online college medical degrees that are for medical assistant that provide the right course work for the duties that a medical assistant will need to perform once they graduate. These colleges will provide the online coursework that is needed for students to be able to practice office and clinical work, which is under the supervision from a licensed medical professional. Once the student takes the program they are able to take a certified exam to demonstrate their ability in what they have learnt.

Keiser University

This university will able to provide you with online medical assistant program that could lead you to an associate of science degree for medical assisting. This includes a schedule that involves radiography, clinical and lab procedures, and anatomy and physiology. They are also able to take externship classes and they have to receive a grade of at least “C.” This program involves as least 60 credited hours of coursework, and the cost per semester is $6,688.00, from August 2009.

Kaplan University

Also offers an online college medical assistants degree, which also leads to associate of Applied Sciences degree in assisting in medical. This course provides classes in the area of pharmacology, office management, anatomy and physiology, medical coding and medical insurance. This clinical course work will cover the basics of medical assistants training that involve taking vital signs, documenting a patient’s medical history, taking of a patient’s blood and using the required medical equipment. Once they finish the medial program they are able to complete a 160 hour externship at a health care place that the Kaplan University approves of. The tuition costs are $34,132 from February 2010 with 92 credits. They also provide students with scholarships and a financial aid.

Penn Foster College

This university provides an online college medical assistant degree that also leads into an Associate degree of medical assisting. The outline of the course includes, theories of clinical practice, medical terminology, medical transcription and anatomy and physiology. In the fourth semester the students are provided with a clinical kit of the program that they chose and demonstrate their skills. The students need to videotape themselves performing clinical skills and send in a tape to a college for approval, to see their skill level. Once the course is passed, the student need to finish a 200 hour externship that is approved by a doctors clinic or office. First semester costs $1,340 and this also includes registration, administration and shipping fee from February of 2010. This program is worth 64 credits.

Is Studying for an Online College Degree Better Than That of a Regular College Degree?

There are many people who aspire for a degree but not able to get one because of their inability to attend regular college. They may be professionals who want an additional degree for better career prospects or students who want to have extra qualifications in addition to what they are studying or someone who started working early but wishes to pursue higher studies now. They are not able to join a regular college because of their job or other commitments. They could always study for an online college degree.

Studying for an online college degree has many advantages. You don’t have to be physically present at the class room for studying. You need to have a computer and an internet connection and by connecting to the college you will be provided a virtual class room experience. All doubts regarding the class could be cleared by contacting the respective lecturer online. By studying for an online college degree you could save the time spent on commuting.

The advocates of online schooling often say that studying for an online college degree is cheaper than a regular degree. The truth is that most of the online courses costs the same as a regular degree. But you could save the money that is spent on commuting, accommodation, paying for child care while attending class and other expenses related with a regular college.

Studying for an online degree is beneficial for those who are self-starters. A degree online course requires the same amount of study time as for a regular college course. It requires some motivation and dedication. As there is no one to implore you, there are chances that one would not utilize their full potential while studying for an online college degree and chances of drop-out are more.

Students who are frightened to speak up on a group may find that studying for an online college degree is this beneficial as they could freely express their ideas online. But the ultimate aim is not gaining a degree, but using the knowledge for your betterment. The greatest disadvantage is that such a person will become more introverts and will be a failure in his profession where you are required to speak out your ideas.

If you can afford going to a regular college, then it is the best option as this will also play a part in molding your personality. As human beings we have to live in a society and should not avoid any chance to interact with others as it is necessary for our sustenance. So studying for an online college degree is recommended if you are unable to attend college for other reasons only.